The Creative Comeback by Felicia Pride

The Creative Comeback

A step-by-step course to (re)claiming your creative self


A step-by-step course to (re)claiming your creative self by Felicia Pride, a writer who had to forge her own creative comeback.

A few questions:

Are you stuck creatively?

Can’t remember the last time you wrote or created something?

Or you do remember, but said memory is bittersweet because you’re no longer in that creative space?

Want to get back to your creative self and start creating again, but don’t know how?

The Creative Comeback is for you!

About four years ago, I wasn’t writing or creating. In fact, I made a career out of doing everything but writing or creating. Eventually, though, I came to a crossroads. Either, I was going to try one last time to become a full-time creator, or I was going to get a good government job in communications. The former scared the mess out of me, but the latter scared me more.

So, I began to craft my creative comeback. I was determined to get back to my writer-self, reclaim my voice, and create meaningful work again. It was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

But, I’m freakin’ thrilled to say that I’m finally a full-time writer again! Not only that, but I’m writing every day and I’m in a creative zone where every morning I wake up and look forward to the page.

You’re wondering how I got here? You’re not alone. I’ve been having a lot of former creatives, part-time creatives, non-committal creatives, and folk in between ask me that very question. 

So, I decided to outline the exact steps that I took to go from an unhappy, non-writing bystander to a joyful, thriving, and focused full-time writer. 

The Creative Comeback was born.

You can say it’s an extension of The Create Daily, the service that I started six years ago to encourage creators to create daily.

The Creative Comeback is organized into six tracks or installments, along with an intro and outro.  Within each track, there’s an audio introduction, followed by chapters, an ask yourself section, and extras. 

The tracks are:
  • Commit
  • Focus
  • Prepare
  • Work
  • Put Yourself Out There
  • Sustain
Here’s the thing: we only get this one life to do our life’s work. If creating is your life’s work, you owe it to yourself to reclaim your purpose. 

Ready to forge your comeback?

--Felicia Pride


"Felicia curated her stream of consciousness into a cluster of resources and inspiration for anyone fighting self-doubt. I was so sad when it ended, but happy to say I've already started reclaiming parts of my former creative life."
Latoya P., storytelling technologist
"I purchased The Creative Comeback because I knew I needed some support on this journey back to my creative self. It is right on time." 
Stephanie M., writer
"Going through @feliciapride ‘s Creative Comeback guide and it’s everything...Thank you for creating it. Writing has always been my foundation and now I’m transitioning from the PR/Marketing space to the creative/film space so this is right on time."
Ashleigh D., writer

What's included?

File Icon 8 files Text Icon 39 text files


audio: how I got to this place
2 mins
why I created the creative comeback
the format
some disclaimers + contact info
track 1: commit
audio: my now or never moment
4 mins
shake shit up
it's now or never
you gotta believe
ask yourself
track 2: focus
audio: confession time
2 mins
get clear
pick a lane
get out of your head
ask yourself
track 3: prepare
audio: caught out there
1 min
invest in yourself
get ready
make room
form your squad
ask yourself
track 4: work
audio: jackpot
1 min
put the work first
start doing for yourself what you do for everyone else
get to work
ask yourself
track 5: put yourself out there
audio: just do it
2 mins
share your work
get rejected
build relationships with greenlighters
make the ask
ask yourself
track 6: sustain
audio: life ish
1 min
self care + inner work
it's always about the work
mind your business
become undeniable
ask yourself
audio: no turning back
1 min
be kind
it's a celebration
share the creative comeback (and earn some cash)


How long does The Creative Comeback take?

Another good question. How you want to consume the remainder of the content is totally up to you. You could consume a track weekly, which would make it a six-week experience (I’ll be sending a weekly reminder email to keep you on schedule). You could binge it in one sitting and then revisit sections when needed. Or you can read it at your own leisure. Whatever works for you. 

How fast will I make my creative comeback?

I wish I knew. It varies person to person. I also wish I could guarantee that you will indeed make a creative comeback, but it's really up to you. I can tell you that it took me about 3 years. The point of this guide is to use my personal story as insight and encouragement to jumpstart, continue, or finish your own personal comeback.

Do you offer refunds?

Sure. If The Creative Comeback isn't for you, simply send me an email within the first 7 days and you’ll receive a full refund. No questions asked.

I'm a writer

But at one point, I was a writer who wasn't writing...until I forged my own creative comeback.

I began my writing career at five years old when I wrote a book about a family of dogs who were renowned roller skaters. When that didn't translate into overnight success, I went on to be an entertainment journalist, writing pieces like this. Then I penned several books including the essay collection The Message: 100 Life Lessons from Hip-Hop’s Greatest Songs, which was taught in schools around the country, a YA novel, and I was tapped by Simon & Schuster to write two books based on the television show Everybody Hates Chris.

In between, I worked in New York book publishing, taught freshman comp for ten years at various colleges, slummed in nearly all of the major cities on the east coast, started and closed a business marketing books and films, and may have sold the occasional dime bag. Since it became clear that I will never run out of stories, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue film and television writing.

By day I worked as a film distribution exec, and in 2016, I was a Film Independent Screenwriting Fellow. A feature film that I wrote is slated for production in 2018. Now I'm in an open relationship with TV because there's something so sexy about a story engine. I have been selected as one of eight writers for NBC's 2017 Writers on the Verge program. My current forte is dramedy projects that center messy, rebounding characters confronting the American dream. I run The Create Daily, a free service for my fellow creators. And for fun, I tell stories on Instagram at @weforreal. I hold an M.A. in writing from Emerson College.